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Home Improvement for Your Aging Parents


Cost of Living in the US from 2000 - 2014

Cost of living in the US from 2000-2014. Source: David Stockman

With the cost of assisted living in the US skyrocketing, many families find themselves facing a dilemma as their loved ones age. The cost of assisted living, although less than full nursing care, can be too great an obstacle for a family’s finances, yet a family member may not be quite self sufficient enough to live safely alone.

For a family faced with this problem, a workable solution can be to update the home of an elderly person in order to enable them to live safely solo for a while longer. Compared to the cost of assisted living, a renovation like installing a walk-in bathtub can be much more manageable, and achieve the desired result of assuring the family member’s continued safety.

Assisted Living Facility in Virginia

Home Updates as an Alternative to Assisted Living

Scary statistics show that one of the most dangerous activities for an elderly person is the seemingly simple act of bathing. An activity that seems so straightforward we don’t even think about it for decades of our life but just in a moment, it can transform into a potentially life threatening daily experience. Rather than risk a family member’s health with a standard tub (requiring the bathers to step over a high side, lower themselves into the floor-level tub, and then get themselves back out again) or even a standard shower (where an infirm person may have trouble keeping balance or standing for the required length of time), consider the relatively inexpensive installation of a walk-in tub.

With a tub designed for safety, a bather can swing open the side to step in without stepping up or over any obstacles, and can use a safety handle to sit safely in the provided bench in the tub. Getting out of the tub is just as simple, reversing the process and again not having to worry about balance or strength to move safely from the tub to the bathroom floor. With one simple and fairly inexpensive renovation, you can entirely circumvent the scary possibility of a bathroom fall and its potentially devastating consequence

Additional Benefits of Home Updates

The benefits of a walk-in tub extend beyond the admittedly serious issues of safety and fall prevention. Many of the people who need safety assistance are the same people with health problems that can be treated with hot water soaking.

Perhaps they haven’t felt this option was open to them, due to safety considerations with the pre-existing home tub, or financial impediments to soaking at a spa or outside location. But with the addition of a walk-in spa tub in the home, your loved one can reap all the benefits of hot water therapy-- and even jet massage.

If you still have concerns about your loved one’s safety, you can look into medical alert systems that allow a person to call for help whenever needed. A walk-in tub with a medical alert option right to hand could be the perfect combination for maintaining independent living a while longer.